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Real Estate: the ultimate asset that you can now own and trade.

Throughout history, land, houses and buildings have been used to safeguard wealth. But despite the utility of property as a store of value, the buying, selling, and trading of real estate has remained a lengthy, complicated and expensive process for those that could afford the process and inital payments. Today, however, Distributed Ledger Technologies renders these past issues obsolete, and even paves the way for an entirely new opportunity: property as a medium of legal exchange. For the first time, premier real estate havens like London, New York, Paris, and Los Angeles, that were once only accessible to the wealthy global elite, are now becoming directly available to all types of global investors via the TPX Property Exchanges.

Global Property (Real Estate): a $300 Trillion Market

ISSUE #01 ...
Low Investment Threshold

NFTs (Property Certificates) can be purchased or sold from £250 to £25,000,000 ($350 to $35,000,000 USD). Traditionally, property has been sold in its entirety. Now with TPX, you can buy or sell as much or as little as you'd like.

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ISSUE #02 ...
Slow Transactions

Transactions are fast, secure and reliable. Now with TPX, you can immediately purchase your selected property with the assurance of an immediate price in the currency of your choice.

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ISSUE #03 ...
Legal Transparency

NFTs (Property certificates) are recorded and registered on the Blockchain, providing definitive legal and financial ownership and, more importantly, public transparency for the property owner. These "Pocket Deeds", registered via the Blockchain Property, carry the full force of legal ownership and can be sold, bought or exchanged as easily as any other crypto currency.

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ISSUE #04 ...
Transaction Costs

Typically wth traditional property purchased, transaction costs range from 5 to 15 percent of the property. Cryptonised property certifcates bring transactions costs down to 1 percent per transfer of property. These low costs make for a robust property exchange.

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Introducing TPX: the All New Property Exchange by TrustMe™

Buying and Selling Properties By the Slice Globally.

The DAV Protocol

The property listing process via the Blockchain Property Registery or Deed Office leverages a proprietary approach: the Distributed Archival Vector (“DAV”) protocol. This blockchain record protocal encodes the ownerhip of the property along with all pertinent information

Asset Integrity

An important element to ensure the tradability of any property asset is its physical and financial integrity. The property must be free of any current and future financial encumbrances. Additionally, hazard insurance must be continually in place to protect the assets' value. TPX guarantees that the NFT (property certificate) is fit and ready for purchase and sale.

Real-Time Trading (Future)

The trading of orders and listing of NFTs (property certificates) make instantaneous transactions possible. Sell and buy orders are matched and the transactions are completed on a real-time basis. The environment for trading is continuously scrutinised by TPX to ensure real-time fulfillment without disruption.

Encrypted & Secured

Without question, the most important aspect of the TPX exchange is security. Every aspect, from order placement to fulfillment and settlement is tightly controlled. A significant amount of TPX operational resources is devoted to maintaining customer security and the integrity of the trading environment.


For Investors/Buyers

With blockchain technology... - An extremely fast means of converting currency of your choice to property. - The ability to micro-invest or purchase hundreds of millions of pounds in prime real estate, essentially democratising the market so that investors of all means can participate. - A stable real asset, backed in a fail-proof manner by real property, thus creating the perfect safe haven for securing your wealth.



For Owners/Sellers

With cryptonised real estate, property owners can now open up a global marketplace. Traditionally, a seller's property was marketed to local potential buyers. Now, the seller's property is marketed to buyers in all corners of the globe. Investors can immediately purchase a seller's NFTs (property certificates) with an instantaneous transaction and definitive payment.



For the Market

The Market advantages for real estate are expanded in a Blockchain-enabled environment. Traditionally, sellers have been limited to the local geographical area of their properties in order to attract buyers. Buyers, likewise were limited to the geographical area of the sellers. With these two contraints removed, both parties can vastly increase the desirability and exposure of the property being sold or bought.


Introducing the TPX Exchange by TrustMe™

Buy and Sell real estate properties globally with Blockchain technology

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